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Ok I bought the truck bout 2 years I know it doesn't have a lot of miles on it, but it looks to have original plugs and cables I went to the parts place and askes for spark plugs and cables. I got Motorcraft spark plugs cables, and Motorcraft double plats. The problem is no one there knew what the spark plug gap was supposed to be. They had 3 different gap size plugs in different brands, but they only carried 1 gap size for the Motorcraft which was 0.044. Ok i got home looked in my owners manual, it has a range of 0.049 - 0.053. Ok first does it matter if its copper, plats, double plats , do you still set the gap for what the owners manual says ? or do the different types need to be set different because of the type? Second , when you have a spark plug gap range of 0.049 -0.053 what do you set it at? The low end of that range mid or high. What should i set the gap at?

My car has 84000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Normally, vehicles this new do not require gapping the spark plugs as they should come pregapped. When you have spark plugs with precious metals such as platinum, double platinum, or iridium, these types of plugs should not be gapped. This is because the precious metal can be scraped away with the gapping tool and actually ruin the spark plug. If you have any doubts about this repair, Consider YourMechanic for your spark plug replacement.

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