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On a Suzuki Esteem, when replacing the right axle, does one have to also replace the center shaft that lies between the CV axle and the transmission or can one leave it in place and just replace the CV axle? Also, it seems that after removing the axle nut, some people need to remove the tie rod and/or the suspension arm ball joint to remove the axle and others find it unnecessary to do so. Who's right? Can the axle be replaced without removing any ball joints? How about by just removing the 2 strut bolts?

My car has 90000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. On your particular vehicle you just have to replace the axle. Disconnecting things such as the tie rod and ball joint will make it easier to get the axle out of the way but it’s really a to each its own process. Some people prefer to take the least amount of stuff off as possible when performing a repair but I believe in taking the stuff out that is suggested by the dealer to make the job as easygoing as possible. If you left the tie rod and ball joint connected you will definitely have to fight a little more to get the axle in and out of place. On your particular vehicle the service manual from Suzuki suggest to disconnect the ball joint, sway bar end links, and the tie rod.

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