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Hello all,

I recently changed the starter in a 4 cylinder 2003 Honda Accord. After I was done, it fired right up, and continued to do so for two days at full power.

This morning, after starting it up beautifully, I noticed that both the ABS and BRAKE lights were stuck on. I thought it was odd, so I turned off the engine.

After I tried to start the engine again, I got a quick attempt at turning over the engine, then it started rapid clicking.

First thought was loose connections: I went through and found a one loose connection and snapped in it tighter. However, I can't find anything else loose anywhere on the starter, or along the path to the battery. I did notice one location that could've been crimped a bit, but I straightened it out and still have the same issue.

Questions: In general, what do you think is going on? Also, where is the closest ground wire connected? (the battery is grounded fine)

BTW: no corrosion, hear fuel pump, new starter
My car has an automatic transmission.

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