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Hello all,

I recently changed the starter in a 4 cylinder 2003 Honda Accord. After I was done, it fired right up, and continued to do so for two days at full power.

This morning, after starting it up beautifully, I noticed that both the ABS and BRAKE lights were stuck on. I thought it was odd, so I turned off the engine.

After I tried to start the engine again, I got a quick attempt at turning over the engine, then it started rapid clicking.

First thought was loose connections: I went through and found a one loose connection and snapped in it tighter. However, I can't find anything else loose anywhere on the starter, or along the path to the battery. I did notice one location that could've been crimped a bit, but I straightened it out and still have the same issue.

Questions: In general, what do you think is going on? Also, where is the closest ground wire connected? (the battery is grounded fine)

BTW: no corrosion, hear fuel pump, new starter
My car has an automatic transmission.

Any time you get a rapid clicking at the starter is usually a low voltage condition at the battery. You need to monitor the voltage to the starter to see if the voltage to the starter main cable is above 12 volts and stays above 12 when you crank it. If voltage is dropping below 9 then it will be a battery or cables to the battery are bad. Remove and clean battery cables inside and out and then check battery for holding load.

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