Q: Punctured a Hole In the Material Around the Gas Cap

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Hi, I have a stupid question. I was putting gas in my tank, and around the actual gas cap is a material like a covering. It is not metal - it is some type of plastic or vinyl(?). Anyways, I was not looking and I shoved the gas nozzle too hard and I missed the hole where the gasonline goes, and I punctured a hole in the material around the gas cap. I don't even know what is it called, this is the best I can explain it. My question is, I have no idea how gas works. Could this cause the gas to evaporate? Like would the gas diminish slowly because of this hole in the material surrounding the gas cap? Or is it just there for protective purposes?
My car has an automatic transmission.

You should have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic inspect damages and needed repairs to the fuel fill neck. The fuel inlet will need to be replaced if it is leaking any fumes. The leak will also cause the computer to store codes for the leak. You may need to have the entire fuel fill neck replaced and the computer scanned then any codes cleared.

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