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Q: Loud exhaust

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Hi I hit the curb really hard backing up twisted/ bent my muffler on the right side bad, car is rough idiling sounds like a truck

Hi I hit the curb really hard backing up twisted/ bent my muffler on the right side really bad, car is rough idling, and now sounds like a truck. The muffler shop said they don't see anything it could be (took it to them twice) It sounds like its coming from the front near the manifold to me (I'm not a mechanic though) My husband is really upset that his car was finally running great, and just like that I destroyed our peace in one minute (not having to self diagnose our car again) and going from mechanic to mechanic to get someone to find the problem, fix the problem and not overcharge me. Please Help!! This is the only car I have, and I cannot/will not drive it sounding like it sounds (like a 2000) without any care. Help!!! I'm in the DOG HOUSE!!! I need my car back like it was before I turned it into a pickup.

My car has 81000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello. The symptoms and situation that you describe are commonly associated with an exhaust leak. If your muffler or exhaust pipes were bent when the accident occurred then it is very possible that they developed an exhaust leak and are causing your increased exhaust noise. If it sounds like the noise may be coming from the exhaust manifold, bolted to the engine, it may be possible that the collision damaged one of the exhaust system’s flanges or gaskets. The exhaust system is bolted together into one piece, therefore damage or stress to one end can sometimes affect flanges or gaskets in other places. Another possibility is that the muffler itself, the component that dampens the sound of your exhaust, is damaged internally, perhaps due to the collision. As exhaust leaks can sometimes be difficult to dianose, even for a shop, I would recommend having a professional technician, such as one from YourMechanic, come to your location to diagnose what the cause of your increased exhaust noise may be.

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