Q: P200A error code kia sorento 2012

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My check engine light came on. I went to auto zone they gave me a print out stating I have a P200A error code. Intake manifold runner performance Bank 1. What does this mean and is it expensive to fix?

My car has 53000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The intake manifolds of most modern vehicles - yours included - are equipped with some sort of "variable" intake runners or manifold. Typically, there is one or multiple flaps that are solenoid and sensor controlled inside the intake manifold to vary their opening width. This helps change the intake runner length or width. This helps the engine produce good power and response at most any rpm. In comparison, intake manifolds with a fixed length or width, usually will perform better at say low rpms but not high rpms, or vice versa. Setting a code for Bank 1 typically would indicate that the valve and/or solenoid facing the front of the motor in the intake manifold may not be functioning properly. The engine may not have the same power or efficiency with this fault. Have a certified technician check the intake runner flap control system to identify the exact source of the code and replace the faulty component or components. Note that if your vehicle is due for a state inspection, it will most likely not pass inspection with the check engine light on.

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