Q: 4x4 inactive and abs light

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When I started my car this morning, I had 4x4 inactive come on, abs light and check engine was flashing... obviously car isn't warmed up and it's sitting in my garage - but as soon as I turned my key all the way literally IMMEDIATELY after car starts shaking.. like I store my car in my garage over night and garage itself is heated...

Alternator is new Oil levels are fine and also replaced about 3 months ago Spark plugs were just replaced about a month ago

I took it to BMW dealership and the only thing they said that would need to be changed in the future is the oil in transfer case because they didn't see the problem come back.. I'm confused as to why it happens because it's only -23 Celsius outside and car being a BMW should be able to do fine in this type of weather

My car has 100000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

As a vehicle ages, sensors and monitoring systems can develop "glitches"; either due to excessive dirt and debris or the connections becoming loose. This can sometimes trigger system warnings as you’ve described above. Since the dealership was unable to determine that any faults existed, I would assume their diagnosis would be correct. Keep an eye on this; and if it happens more often, I would ask the dealership to review the sensors themselves to see if they require replacement.

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