Q: O2 sensor relocation

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The old 02 sensor needs replaced but has welded itself into the manifold. I really don't want to take the manifold off because of its age and I'll probably end up sheering bolts in the head. Easiest solution would be to relocate the sensor to the collector by welding in a new bung. My question is will this effect how the sensor works? I've read that the ECM will be confused because by changing the distance of the sensor it changes when it takes its reading during an exhaust pulse. That causes the ECM to be constantly making adjustments. Is this true?

My car has 98000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. You are 100 percent correct about changing the location of the O2 sensor and it’s negative impact on the ECU’s ability to adjust on the fly to changing conditions. This is why I never recommend changing the location of the O2 sensors; especially on early 90’s vehicles where ECU technology wasn’t as good as they are today. You might want to check out some online Chevrolet truck forums and seek advice from others in your location that have completing this type of fabrication and the symptoms they’ve encountered. Best of luck.

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