What type of tools will I need to drain and refill the tr...

What type of tools will I need to drain and refill the transmission fluid? I appreciate your thorough answer, thank you. ...

What type of tools will I need to drain and refill the transmission fluid? I appreciate your thorough answer, thank you.

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Welcome back Isaiah, The special tool is a pipe that threads into the transmission. There is a drain plug and a fill plug. You insert this special tool into the fill plug hole, and a pump is used. The pump is used to pump the CVT fluid into the transmission. But at the same time, you need a scanner to check the fluid level at a certain temperature to ensure the fluid level is correct.

is the pipe clear? Also are you talking about the ODB2 scanner
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The pipe we use at the dealer is black. It's threaded with an o-ring on it. Then the scanner, yes. It plugs into the OBD2 port and you log into the transmission and monitor the transmission temperature. Once it reaches around 119 degrees, fluid level is checked and adjusted
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Actually, it's 104 degree's that it's checked at. Not 119, I was thinking of a different transmission for that temperature.

Thank you Jay, I appreciate all the info. Have a good day.

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