Hi my car jerks while accelerating and cruising but most ...

Hi my car jerks while accelerating and cruising but most of the things that I’ve seen mentioned for the problem has been fixed already. Also my check engine light doesn’t come on to say the problem. My car is at 199,500 miles it’s...

Hi my car jerks while accelerating and cruising but most of the things that I’ve seen mentioned for the problem has been fixed already. Also my check engine light doesn’t come on to say the problem. My car is at 199,500 miles it’s a 2006 Nissan Sentra Mechanic's Assistant: Does the light stay on, or does it blink? The check engine actually doesn’t come on unless something major breaks down. Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Sentra yourself? What have you tried so far? Yes my dad is a mechanic, we’ve fixed the fuel pump, coils, mass air flow sensor, throttle body cleaning and the [fuel injector](/topics-fuel-injector/)

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My engine size is 1.8
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Be with you in a couple hours, Ive been going 24 hrs straight here and need a break... Talk soon

Okay that’s fine
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I'm off all week so Hopefully another expert can chime in here to help, sorry but i was on all day yesterday and you never responded, I tried!
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My name is Arielle
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Hello Arielle, Nice to meet you

Nice to meet you as well.
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I am sorry to hear about this Jerking issue you are getting with your 06 Sentra. I will do my best to help you with this This Jerking you are feeling.. At what speeds are you feeling this? Has engine mounts been checked? If not engine mounts, has the Transmission been checked?

I honestly feel it as i accelerate to any speed. It does it a lot while the car is sitting either parked or as i wait at a stop light. I'm not sure if the engine mounts have been checked or the transmission. When it happens my car doesn't register that it's happening so the check engine light never comes on.We actually did change the engine mounts out
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Well if it's a Engine Mount ( You have more than 1 ) .. It would not cause a Check Engine Light. If there is a Mechanical issue with in the Transmission. That also would not cause a Check Engine light. So this is most likely a Mechanical issue or a Suspension or Engine and Transmission mounting issue Who has looked at this for you? Have they experienced the Jerk when driving?

my dad is the mechanic who’s fixing the issues but I’ve taken my car to two different auto shops and neither place could figure out the issue specifically. And yes I’ve experienced it as i drive even a short distance of me leaving my apartment complex.
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This type of issue is best diagnosed in person to determine what type of jerk you are feeling. To determine if it's a Engine Mounting type of jerk from a broken engine mount, If it's suspension flex or if it's a internal mechanical issue in the transmission. It's most likely one of the 3 things if there is no warning lights on. It would simply require the vehicle to be checked

Are engine mounts and motor mounts the same thing.
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Yes they are. You also have 1 Transmission Mount as well.

Okay so my dad definitely change that out because he could feel the engine shifting when i changed gears
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There is more than one. So it could be another or it could be the Transmission mount. So you may want him to check the other mounts as well. Normally when one mount is bad, it puts stress on the others which can cause them to go bad as well. So you may have another one that is bad.

Okay I’ll mention that to him. But i don’t know if you already knew everything we changed, we changed out the fuel pump, coils ,[spark plugs](/topics-spark-plug-nissan/), serpentine belt, motor mounts, mass air flow sensor. We did a throttle body cleaning and fuel injector. Oil and transmission fluid change. But he’s said that i need to get my axels and structs changed so i don’t know if that can lead to the problem.
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Jerking could be due transmission fluid level or internal failure. Or there could be more engine mounts or transmission mount causing this. This type of jerking would really need to be felt in person to determine direction of repair. I am just mentioning things to check to help you with this.

Yeah i understand because that best way i can describe it would be to say that it’s feel like that car it cutting out as i try to drive. It’s almost like it wants to cut off but it doesn’t. Although sometimes it has cut off before due to the jerking.Usually when i try to show mechanics my car it never does the jerking when they’re looking at it
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Cutting out type feeling could be due to a bad Cam Sensor. But when it comes to these type of sensors, aftermarket ones do not work. you would need to get them from the dealer. If you have replaced these sensors with aftermarket ones. It's very common for aftermarket sensors to cause the vehicle to cut out, stall, hard to start or not start and not throw codes.

if i was to look into get a cam sensor how much would it cost. Like an estimation
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It's about 120 bucks

you’re suggesting to look into checking the rest of the motor mounts, the cam sensor and anything else
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That is all I can advise with out actually seeing what it is doing

Well that’s more than what the last mechanic came up with and they saw the car
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I am happy to be able to give you much more info. Hopefully one of the things is your issue

Yeah hopefully, but thank you so much for the help
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