Q: New engine at 88K for 3,500 including labor or remove the head and see if they can fix it?

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My radiator had to be replaced about a month ago. The hose going into it on the bottom was put on using red grease for easy slide. After driving it, the hose gave way and all the antifreeze came out. I was exiting a major highway so I had to guide maneuver it into a lot. The engine overheated badly and I have been advised to get a new engine. Please advise – do I get a new engine? They have one from a previous RDX that has 88K. Or do I have them take off the head and see if it’s fixable. Also, do you know the average price for an engine? They want to charge me with labor 3,500 for the 88K.

My car has 67000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Starting from the end, it it difficult to say how much a replacement engine would be. There are lots of variables . Who the supplier is, the type of warranty, region, etc. As far as should you replace the engine, what were you "advised" ? Did they do any preliminary inspections ? Is there enough visible damage to say replacing the engine is a better or more economical direction to take ? The engine certainly can be damaged by overheating. The engine is most likely a cast-iron block with aluminum cylinder head. Aluminum heads, or blocks, can crack easily when overheated. Cast iron blocks can distort if overheated. Overheating can also have damaged the turbocharger is it it cooled by engine coolant. Typically, if a turbocharged engine is overheated, the turbocharger is damaged as well.

You can have them remove the head and inspect for further damage, but realize that if they do find more extensive damage and you elect to have the engine replaced, they are justified in charging you for inspecting the damaged engine AND the replacement cost. They performed a "service" and are entitled to be paid for it. If it were my vehicle, knowing that a replacement cylinder head and turbocharger alone, can easily be $2000 just for the parts, I would opt for the used engine, IF:There was some sort of warranty on it.and other ancillaries such as thermostat, water pump, etc, were replaced with new parts before the installation.

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