Q: My transmission is very shaky and gets stuck in a gear or slips, the transitions are not smooth.

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When I drive my car the transmission feels very shaky and jerky. This only happens after about 15 minutes of driving or when the car is warmed up. It will occasionally get stuck in a gear, or it will slip and say that it is in a gear but it just revs like its in neutral when I press the gas. Often it will clunk into a gear when I am accelerating. When I am on the highway everything is fine, it acts up the most when I am in traffic or I am doing a lot of city driving. Shifting between 3rd and 4th gear gives me the most trouble, and when the car is warmed up I have to accelerate hard on 3rd and skip 4th gear and I make it go straight into 5th.

My car has 139000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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