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Sometimes when you just turn the vehicle on it loses power. No rhyme or reason. Daily driver. Maybe happens 4 times out of 20 times turning it on.

For instance, this last time, wife turns on headlights (car not running). As shes walking to rear of vehicle, loses all power (headlights, dash, radio needs reset, etc). When she opened rear hatch everything comes back on. Thats just one example.

One time tried to unlock door with fob. Wouldn't work. Manually opened door, then worked fine.

So far hasn't happened when being driven.

Also, seems like sometimes you can see the dash lights slightly flickering when it's running.

Wondering if there is some sort of master relay that controls power to the vehicle.

My car has 204000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. Intermittent problems like this would not likely be a fuse issue. Fuses blow when they receive too much power, or too fast. Once they blow the component protected by the fuse will not function. With that being said, you want to turn your attention towards the ground connections and power supplies to these parts. If the ground connection for the fuse box is loose, it will make produce similar symptoms. With the entire car being effected at times, you may also want to make sure your battery’s ground connection is clean, dry, and tight. Further electrical testing needs to be done. For help with this testing, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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