Q: Lights flickering, car turning off.

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Hello, i am having a weird issue. One day i turned on my car and all of my interior lights were flickering. Then my radio suddenly turned off and back on on its own. I continued to see what the issue was and kept playing around with my radio and lights. When i turned on my radio i could hear an engine wine coming through my speakers. Next i turned on my headlights and everything was still the same, however when i turned on my high beams my whole center console including my radio turned off along with all of my gagues on my cluster they all went all the way down like if my car was turned off but the lights on the cluster all remained on. So i then decided to stop messing around and all of the sudden the engine turned off. I then turned my car back on to check if everything was ok and the lights were no longer flickering and no more engine noise through the speakers and nothing hapenned when i turned on my high beams. However now the keyless entry dont work. Any ideas what this could be?

Hi there. Typically when you have an inconsistent power issue with accessories like a radio, lights and other components, it’s due to a loose ground wire or a faulty electrical relay. It could also be caused by battery cables that are worn out or an alternator connection. Depending on what type of vehicle you have and where you live, one of our mobile mechanics might be able to come to your location and complete an electrical problems inspection.

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