Q: Joshua, I have a 70 chevelle just rebuipt entire drive train, but having problem with clutch linkage working correctly. Are yuou a

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Entire drive train has been rebuilt or replaced, but having problem with what I believe to be clutch linkage. linkage is adjusted seemingly good, but it engages when pedal is almost all the way out, BUT it does not seem to fully disengage when pedal is all the way pushed to the floor. Clutch disc looks installed correctly. Fork is different from what it was but matches with specs of OEM. Adjustment rod is (R) to OEM specs from OPGI. The Z bar is as well, but a mechanic bent it a little - said it was not right and could not fit adjustment rod on correctly without a little bend, but since I've checked everything else, it is suspect to me. Input?

My car has 3880 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi Glenn. This type of issue can happen frequently when OEM and aftermarket components are assembled together. The problem is determining whether it’s the linkage itself or the inner clutch components that are not correctly adjusted. When I had this type of problem with a recent rebuild of a 69 Camaro, the issue was that the clutch pack itself was not correctly adjusted, and was releasing early. Although it’s best to always work from the outside - inward when having this type of pedal issue, in this case, I would recommend verifying that the internal clutch settings are good. In regards to the z-bar needing to be bent slightly to fit - that’s a new one to me.

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