Hello! It seems to be stuck in first gear

Hello! It seems to be stuck in first gear Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the car? Have you noticed any fluid leaks lately? 167000 miles. No its clean underneath Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/...

Hello! It seems to be stuck in first gear Mechanic's Assistant: How many miles are on the car? Have you noticed any fluid leaks lately? 167000 miles. No its clean underneath Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? I just drove it over 1000 miles because of an emergency, so I dont think it is the transmission going out. Its not slipping either. Its a 2004 Jeep Liberty Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Liberty yourself? What have you tried so far? Nothi g so far. The transmission shop I went to was backed up for a few days Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? No I think thats it Thank you!

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Good Afternoon , What is it doing? if it is in 1st gear you would have killed the engine if you drove 1000 miles unless you stayed under 15 MPH

No I can drive all the way up to 60 or 70 miles but it sounds like it's stuck in gear. I can't really explain itThank you for texting by the wayThe RPMs also go up like normal
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Then you definitely aren't stuck in 1st gear . But im not sure what it is doing , can you try and describe it more

Sure. I dont hear it shift or feel it shift but it actually drives normally. The sounds is like a whining and it doesnt sound normal.I took it to a mechanic last week that said it was stuck in first but it didn't make sense that it drove so far so good if that was the case
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It may be a bad wheel bearing making noise . That's the first thing that comes to mind . Since i cant hear it i cant tell you for sure . But i agree a transmission in 1st gear cant go that fast

Would a diagnostic be able to diagnose it?
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That is one of those things that you can hear when you drive it . It will sound like it just gets louder the faster you go . I see how it can be mistaken for not shifting.

Thats exactly what it does. Gets louder the faster I go.What is the cost range for fixing that?
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I bet that's your problem . can you tell if its coming from the front or back ? Without checking on parts id guess $250-300 per wheel not knowing if its front or back or if there is one r 2 that are bad .

No its coming from the engine
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could be an alternator bearing ? or some other pulley .

Ok thank you
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let me know if you need anything else

Ok thanks so much. I figured it would be difficult to diagnose. Thanks though
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It will be pretty easy to diagnose if someone can hear it. you can use a long screwdriver or mechanics stethoscope and hold it to your ear and listen to the pulleys to find it.

What do you think of the idea of it being the shift sensor?
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I really thing its a bearing , either on a pulley in front of the engine or a wheel bearing

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