Flooded engine compartment. Milky oil. Multiple random mi...

Flooded engine compartment. Milky oil. Multiple random misfires and multiple cam sensor slow and crank sensor codes Mechanic's Assistant: Have you seen the misfire code before? Has the car been stalling? Only after it got...

Flooded engine compartment. Milky oil. Multiple random misfires and multiple cam sensor slow and crank sensor codes Mechanic's Assistant: Have you seen the misfire code before? Has the car been stalling? Only after it got wet. Yes Mechanic's Assistant: What is the make/model/year of your car? 2016 Jeep Wrangler rubicon Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your Wrangler yourself? What have you tried so far? I have checked for voltage at cam position sensors, replaced cam position sensors. Checked resistance on cam phasers. Changed crank sensor.

Automotive Expert
Hi my name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will be assisting you today. The system will offer a phone call automatically please disregard. Did the engine ever lock up from the water?

No but it did shut off
Automotive Expert
it starts up, but just runs like crap?

I have 11 codes but the only one I can remember off hand is P000B
Automotive Expert
Which cylinders does the vehicle have misfires on?

Does not specify. It's a random misfire code
Automotive Expert
How high did the water get? Was it able to make it into the fuse box or pcm?

It was just below the windows
Automotive Expert
Ok have all the bigger connectors been inspected for water corrosion as well as the connectors underneath the fuse box and pcm?

I had the fuse box out and apart. It is back in now. I could not find a wiring print for the pcm to verify it as good or bad. I have ordered one for troubleshooting but it won't be here until Tuesday
Automotive Expert
Can you clear the codes and let me know which ones come back?

I'll let you know tomorrow when I get back to it
Automotive Expert

P0016, P0300, P000B, P0018, P000D, P0571, P0480, U0141, U0100, U010U, U110B

Some of them like the P0016 have pending and permanent statuses

You there?
Automotive Expert
The camshafts on these engines have magnetic tone wheels. If water was exposed into the engine it's possible they could be damaged giving false readings

Is that the same as a phaser? I have 9 and 7 volts at each connector for exhaust and intake respectively. Do you happen to know what resistance values those should read?
Automotive Expert
No they ate different from the phasers. They are integrated with the camshaft and are replaced as a unit.

Are those under the valve covers then?

Is there a way to check not first?Check it first?
Automotive Expert
With the scan tool can you look to see if the cam and crank are in sync.

Ok.Will the Matco maxlite be able to do that?
Automotive Expert
Yeah should be able to under data?

Ok. So what exactly am I going to be checking and if it's bad can I replace just that or do I need new camshafts?

Also is this what the phaser picks up on the camshaft?
Automotive Expert
The camshafts would need to be replaced. The cam sensor picks up the signals then the phasers know whether to advance or retard timing.

Ok so I'll be looking at the cam sensor the phaser sensor or both?
Automotive Expert

Cannot currently use my maxlite but on the launch millennium 90 pro I can see that vvt monitor band 1 and 2 are within limits. It does seem like cylinders 2 4 and 6 are misfiring according to the scanner
Automotive Expert
Can you send me the vehicle vin so I can check for service bulletins.
Automotive Expert
these vehicles do have an issue with the left cylinder head misfiring due to bad valve seats not sure if this is the case. Has a compression test been performed when the vehicle is hot.

It has not. Would that effect the cam and crank codes as well?
Automotive Expert
Usually you would have cylinder imbalance codes. You could have different issues going on. Do you also have correlation codes. The chain tensioner on the right bank has a tendency to fail as it's only held by oil pressure with no back up ratchet to hold it in place if it fails. Is there any excessive ticking on start up?

Hmm. No loud ticking. I have the intake off and checked for spark everywhere. I can put the intake back on to warm it up and check compression tomorrow. It's just weird that it runs fine on start for about 30-45 seconds. That's why I'm thinking it's electrical or sensory rather than mechanical
Automotive Expert
It could be just want to rule out mechanical to be sure.

Ok so do you want me to do a compression check or get the plenum back on?
Automotive Expert
Do a compression test

Compression test was good.All cylinders within 10% of each other
Automotive Expert
With your scan tool does it show if the cam and crank are in sync?

I'm not sure. I just now got the activation code. I will let you k is tomorrowKnow
Automotive Expert

I'm down to P000B, P0300 and P0016. The number one fuel injector seems to be inop. I'll either swap it with number three or grab one and put it in tomorrow. Could that course the cam/crank codes?
Automotive Expert
Yeah any misfire can affect cam and crank codes.

Ok cool. All this VVT stuff is new to me. Hopefully that's the cause of the issue
Automotive Expert
Did you ever check voltage at the cam sensor connector?

I had 5v and good ground
Automotive Expert
What about signal wire?

There are two signal wires and they had 5v as well
Automotive Expert
They should be a little under 5v.

They were 4.8 and 4.9 if I remember correctly but that was over a week ago
Automotive Expert
Ok, so wiring and pcm should be good there.

I think so yes
Automotive Expert
Ok let me know what you find with the injectors.

Customer attachment 10/29/2020 11:02:08 PM

Number one injector has 7-9v at connection until check engine light comes on then it has about 3-4

Customer attachment 10/29/2020 11:55:47 PM

Customer attachment 10/29/2020 11:55:50 PM

it seems to me like there's something wrong with the exhaust cam on bank one and the injector on cylinder one. The new injector did not solve the problem. I can pull valve covers to look at cams but I'm still unsure of how to pursue the injector issue
Automotive Expert
We're gonna isolate the circuits to the injector. And check resistance on each one.

By doing...?
Automotive Expert
disconnect connector at injector and at pcm c2 connector which is brown on the inside. Then set meter to resistance and put one lead on pin 2 which is brown with yellow tracer at the injector connector and the other lead on pin 8 of the pcm connector same wire color. Resistance sound be about 0.001 to 0.004

Ok will do

That's checking the wiring from the computer to the injector without going through the pcm correct?
Automotive Expert


Do you have a print out for the pcm? It would be nice to check all that with a meter.

I have .001
Automotive Expert
I've been trying to upload one but my computer is not letting me. But that's a good circuit. Next I'll have you check the other circuit from the fuse box to the injector. I'll try and upload it a different way.

Ok thanks. Let me know

Any luck?
Automotive Expert
No sorry system is not letting me but the pin number is \*\*\*\*\* at connector 5 from underneath the fuse box. So from there rob the other injector pin and you should have the same reading.

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