The locksmith cut To jaguar X type keys for my car and it...

The locksmith cut To jaguar X type keys for my car and it would not make my car Creek Mechanic's Assistant: Is the key stripped or worn? I had two new keys made for my Jag you are S type 2000 and the car would not crank ...

The locksmith cut To jaguar X type keys for my car and it would not make my car Creek Mechanic's Assistant: Is the key stripped or worn? I had two new keys made for my Jag you are S type 2000 and the car would not crank Mechanic's Assistant: What is the model of your '00 Jaguar? S type six cylinder Mechanic's Assistant: Are you fixing your vehicle yourself? What have you tried so far? I paid a professional locksmith to come and cut me two keys and the price was in the hundreds Mechanic's Assistant: Anything else you want the Mechanic to know before I connect you? It has water on floor mat drivers side

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Hello, Welcome to Just Answer. My name is\*\*\*\*\* would be delighted to assist you today. I'm sorry you're having trouble with your vehicle today. The website will offer you a phone call. Feel free to accept or decline this service. It does not come directly from me. I cannot provide phone assistance outside the US. Please give me a few moments to go over your concerns. While I'm reviewing your case, would you mind sending me your VIN? This will allow me to give you the most accurate information possible based on your specific vehicle. Please know this is not an auto response message system. We are full time Automotive technicians, who field cases as they come in. If you do not receive a prompt response, this means we have stepped away momentarily or are working on your case as well as many others. Please be patient as we work through this. May I ask your name?

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Ok he cut a key and now what? Why did he cut the key ? Did you loose one?

I'm looking for my vin. Well the car was in the shop in upstate New York someone came into the shop and stole the key out of the switch so that is why I don't have the original key so I had to have the car towed back to Philadelphia and a locksmith came and cut me two keys it cut the windows up turn the windows up and open the trunk and that was it it would not cut turn over he said it's a code that he can't bypass it in the code when I called the next mechanic to put the machine on it read P 1260Vin number

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Are u there
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I am I asked a Bunch of questions with no response so I will ask again,,Ok he cut a key and now what? Is it a not cranking? Why did he cut the key ? Did you loose one? Did he not program the key correctly?

The key was stolen so the locksmith cut me to Keys the other day it will not crank the car. He said that the code He could not bypass and get the car to crank so I called another mechanic over who put the machine on the car in the cold was P 1260John are u thereHe said he couldn't program it for the code
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Yes I am here.. Give me a minute or 2

Ok thx
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P1260 is a immobilizer fault He was unsuccesful in his programming He will either need to attempt another reprogram or It will need to be towed to a Jag dealer for a reprogram

Ok. I wonder how much it will cost
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Usually its a 1 hour charge minimum..

I also have a Mercedes same thing it won't crank we change the fuel pump the fuel pump sensor we change the crankshaft sensor fuel pump air [fuel filter](/topics-fuel-filter-jaguar/) in the car still won't crank it it idle turn on that shit right off and it's been sitting for September and I have put a new [alternator](/topics-alternator/) on it and serpentine belt and I'm just stuck I bought these two cars from this guy and that was a mistake and that's a 2001 Mercedes ML 430
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Its never a wise idea to buy cars that do not run..Unless your confident you have the skills to fix it yourself..

Both of the cars was running when I bought them I actually drove the Mercedes from May until July when the alternator started tripping the Jag drove when I first got it it was just smoking so that's why I was put back in the shop to get Val cover gasket's put on it which was taken care of but like I said somebody took the key
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Yes both cars are nice but they can be problematic

What do u think is stopping the Benz from driving. It cranks. But won't move
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Per site rules it is a strickt 1 question per request site..You would need to go to the home page and start a new question

What's the name of the site?
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You're welcome

I have a 2001 Mercedes ML 430 we ran out of gas one day and would not crank after that that was in September. So before that I had to put an alternator on the car and a serpentine belt and it was running it ran for another two months and they broke down again so when it ran out of gas I had a new fuel pump put on the car a new fuel filter a new crankshaft sensor and the car continue to do the same thing when you get in the crank it up a crank and then when you get ready to put it in gear it shuts off so I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what else to do
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you are still on your jaguar question

No Benz

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