Q: It takes two or three turns on the ignition to start the vehicle

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I replaced the crank sensor but it still does it about 30% of the time. It's a 2003 Nissan sentry 2.5l

Hello. The issue your vehicle’s having is likely a fuel-related problem. Commonly the problem is known as a design flaw within the Nissan Sentras of that era where the fuel system takes a while to build adequate pressure. Usually turning the key to the on position for 3-4 seconds before starting the vehicle will give the fuel system enough time to build enough pressure and the vehicle should start fine. If that does not help you may have an issue with your fuel system such as a weak fuel pump. A test of the fuel pump will have to be done by a technician to verify the fuel pump as bad.

Please keep in mind that the technicians here at YourMechanic can perform such fuel system diagnostics

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