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Q: It makes a thumping sound when driving straight and it gets worse when you go faster

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It makes a thumping sound when you go straight and it gets worse when you go faster

My car has 1888 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Noises can be difficult to give a direct answer without hearing them live, but I can give you some directions to take. Tires can give off a thumping sound due to irregular wear or a shifted belt. If you can hear the noise outside the car (window open) while driving, then it could very well be coming from one or more tires. Also, loose or worn suspension components can give you a thumping type noise. Your vehicle has struts up front and conventional shocks in the rear. Both have an upper mount that connects them to the chassis. They’re typically a rubber/metal mount. As these mounts wear and deteriorate with age, they can actually allow the shock or strut to vibrate against the body. This can create a thump or rattling type sound. Even a road surface with a smooth appearance will have some irregularities that have the shocks/struts moving up and down slightly. This would increase with speed. Other suspension components such as ball joints and bushings should be inspected as well. Also, weak or broken engine and/or transmission mounts can cause a thump. If they are weak or broken, the engine or transmission can actually be contacting in areas that they shouldn’t be. With any of numerous components possibly being the cause, have a certified technician look into the noise while driving to find the exact cause.

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