Q: Is this a help for ford care issue

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Service advance trac Should i worry for such massage if its appear while parking which i use a full steering wheel turn ? Then it disappeared .

My car has 19 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. With the light illuminating and then turning off right away, there are no major causes for concern at this exact moment. You may want to Several systems are tied into the Advanced Trac, and they will all need to be considered to some extent. Vehicle speed sensors, the ABS system, and a multitude of other sensors all carefully watch the performance of the tires and steering. It is its job to compensate as much as possible for any issues. Any of these sensors or systems may be having an issue. You may want to scan the vehicle for diagnostic troubleshooting codes to make sure there are no electrical issues which have already been detected by the computer. Only further testing will tell, and it may be too soon if a component has just begun to malfunction. Until the light becomes steady, is accompanied by another light, there is an issues with the steering or brakes, or any other malfunctions, you should be fine to drive the vehicle. For any help with this or future issues, contact our service department.

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