Q: Is it worth replacing my throttle body to try to eliminate the epc light?

asked by on January 17, 2017

My epc light came on, and the majority consensus is a bad throttle body. Is it practical for me to spend close to a thousand dollars for a new throttle body in the hopes it will shut the epc light off?

My car has 154000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

When the EPC light comes on, it often a problem in the throttle body, but not necessarily. If the light is on, it means the controller will have stored codes to assist in the diagnosis. It’s not something you want to run out and buy unless the car has been checked out by a qualified technician. As for whether it’s worth the money to make the light go out: a light on the dash may seem like the only problem, but it indicates that the EPC (Electronic Power Control) has seen a fault and gone into limp home mode. The throttle body has redundant systems that make it possible to keep operating, but any further failure could leave you stranded. Think of this as an early warning. If you contact Your Mechanic, they can send a technician to your home or office to check out your EPC system right there on the spot and if necessary replace the throttle body for you

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