Q: I own a 2008 Chevrolet impala and when I put my car into gear and mash the gas it won't go just revs up.

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I recently purchased a 2008 chevy impala about 3 months ago and a few days later I started having trouble. When trying to take off after sitting at a stop sign or red light it wouldn't go into gear it would take off slowly then would jerk into gear. Also I could be already going down the road and when I would press the gas peddle to speed up the car would just start revving up and wouldn't go any faster. Well this happened quite frequently.The man I bought the car from is a mechanic and said he had checked the transmition prior to saling it to me and it was fine. Recently when you would put the car in reverse it would do nothing but rev up it would not go but if I went from drive or neutral to reverse it would go into gear. Well last night the car will shift into gear but will do nothing when pressing gas it did this for all gears. When I put car into neutral someone tried to push on even ground but it was like the breaks were on. Wouldnt budge. If you Jack it up and switch gears it go
My car has an automatic transmission.

The first thing to do is to make sure your transmission is not low on fluid. Low fluid would cause this problem. If it is not low on fluid due to leaks then your transmission should be pressure checked and computer tested for internal transmission problems with seals and clutches. You may need to have transmission rebuilt or replaced.

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