Q: I just bought a 99 Oldsmobile silhouette it was a report car. I was on my way home but as I'm driving I hear a loud whining noise.

asked by on February 27, 2017

I just bought a repo Car and the first thing I noticed was the car acts as if it doesn't want to go. Second I noticed that when I accelerate the car makes this annoying sound from the engine. (a whining noise).then I had to come to a stop at the light. That's when I noticed that the car was about to shut off and this happens everyone I stop. After driving about 5miles total I started seeing the temperature gauge rise to red. 1/2 mile later it shut off from overheating I guess. It hesitates when I try to crank it afterwards so I let it cool down. I add water in it just to see what was going on didn't drive but 2 miles and within the 2 miles it ran hot and shut off again. I had a mechanic come by and he said that it was the waterpump and another guy said a gasket sound blown. Do you have any idea what it is?

My car has 269000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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The whining noise that you are hearing is either the alternator not working properly or the power steering pump is low on fluid. Check the power steering fluid level and see if the oil is full. Listen for the noise location when the engine is running to determine where the noise is coming from. As for the engine overheating, the water pump, thermostat, or head gasket could have failed. First check to see if there is any leaking coolant from the engine. Then to see if the water pump is working, feel the upper and lower radiator hose. If they are both about the same temperature, then the water pump is working. If the lower radiator hose is cool, then the water pump is not working.

If the water pump is working, then the thermostat could be sticking causing the engine to overheat. If you were to replace the water pump and thermostat and the engine continues to overheat, then one or both head gaskets could be burned. Get a block tester and put the blue dye fluid in it and the plunger on it’s end. Then open the radiator cap with the engine running at a cool temperature. Place the block tester over the inlet section of the radiator or reservoir. As steam arises from the inlet section, plunge the plunger on the block tester and suck in the steam. If the blue dye fluid turns green or yellowish, then there is a burned head gasket. If the fluid does not change colors, then the head gasket is good and there could be an issue with a blockage in the engine.

If you need further assistance with your overheating issue, then seek out a professional, such as one from Your Mechanic, to help you.

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