Q: I have a Chrysler Sebring with a heated oxygen sensor

asked by on November 24, 2017

I have a 2007 Chrysler Sebring Touring. It has +187000 miles on it. For the first three years it had all its maintenance done at the dealership. Then in 2010 my sister purchased and continued maintenance at the dealership untill 2015. Then it was some muffler mechanic who would do oil change and thats it. When i received the car it had been sitting in garage for 6 months. It started up fine no noticeable problems. Since then i have fixed many things but a persistent problem is a heated oxygen sensor in bank one sensor 2. I replaced the sensors and it ran well for 50 miles or so until it turned on again. I reset it, i replaced it and it continues. I took it to a mechanic and they said they couldn’t figure out the problem. The wires are in good condition but one of the wires goes under the manifold with the wiring harness and the other three go to ground, positive and into computer. Smog check is due in a few weeks and it won’t pass.

My car has 187093 miles.

Hi Jay. Thanks for sending the question tonight. Assuming that the original OBD-II trouble code was removed after replacing the O2 sensor, I would assume that the electrical harness has either a fray or a poor connection to the sensor or the ECU. Depending on which code you received, it is also possible that the actual issue is with the catalytic converter - as sometimes a clogged catalytic converter will trigger these error codes as well. I think the best advice I can offer is to have a mobile mechanic come to your location to complete a check engine light inspection, so they can determine what needs to be done to resolve your registration issue.

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