Q: My truck is pulling left during hard braking and pulling hard right when accelerating or getting jostled. 2012 GMC Sierra

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300 miles ago I put 2" spacers in the front to level my truck. In the process I had to replace the upper control arms. I then brought the truck in to get it realigned. They notified me the ball joints to the lower control arms were worn so I had them replace those as well. After driving the truck around a little all seemed well. Over the next couple weeks I noticed a "clank" in the front end every time I backed up from being in PARK. Just once each time. After 2 weeks the clank went away. I thought it was something that was just getting worn in. The first long drive I took the truck on after the disappearance of the clank I noticed the truck was pulling hard left when I would break hard (to the point of putting me in the other lane). As I accelerated the steering wheel would jerk back to the right almost putting me on the ditch. I brought it back in to get diagnosed and they said everything was fine. They suggested new tires. I rotated the tires and still nothing.

My car has 102000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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