Q: I have a 2011 buick lacrosse 2.4l.. i replaced the crankshaft and camshaft sensors.. i changed the

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I have a 2011 buick lacrosse cxl 2.4l.. i have replaced the timing chain,#3 injector,crank and camshaft sensors,plugs.. it starts rough at times cut off and when i test drive , it only goes up to 40mph and says reduce engine power.. why is it still showing a misfire in cylinder 3

Hi there. An issue or malfunction in the throttle control system is most common when the Reduced Engine Power Warning Light illuminates in the dashboard. However, there are other components and systems that will trigger the Reduced Engine Power Warning Light, such as a Defective throttle position (TP) sensor, oxygen sensor, accelerator pedal position (APP) sensor or loose or damaged wiring just to name a few. Without being there to complete an inspection, it’s hard to tell you precisely why this issue is occurring on your vehicle. In regards to the cylinder 3 misfire, this could be due to a fuel system issue, like a malfunctioning fuel injector as opposed to ignition system. Best advice we can offer here is to have one of our professional mobile mechanics complete an engine misfiring inspection to help isolate the problem.

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