Q: Car is in limp mode. Low gears and reverse work however drive does not. Changed speed sensor and oil pressure sensor.

asked by on January 02, 2017

Doesn't appear to have any interior transmission problems. Thinking maybe shift control?

On many early 2000’s Ford cars and SUV’s, a shift control failure can trigger limp mode; however, this usually triggers an OBD-II code and illuminate the check engine light. Try downloading all codes to see if this is the issue. If not, it’s most likely an internal fault that needs to be repaired.

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I have a 2003 VW Passat W8 wagon. I was driving, I zoomed up to 60 quite nicely after just finishing a repair to my VVT actuators. It idled great again, so I was happy. Just as I thanked my stars etc, the engine cut to idle with my foot on the gas. I limped along with intermittent engine throttle. I decided to try turning the engine off and restating it. It worked and I drive, carefully, around to several errands that day. It got worse and was a real puzzle. I replaced the throttle body. No difference at all. My OBDII showed that the VVT Actuator failure codes WERE GONE, YAY. But it showed a 2101 throttle body actuator motor malfunction and of course with the engine cutting out like that, it recorded timing advanced on the exhaust actuators on both sides of the V8. Errors, not actuator failures. I think it looks like I have an intermittant connection to my Throttle body. How can I, by myself, fix this? If I take it anywhere, the MO if shoos is to find faulty part, replace part with OEM part and done. That's not going to work on a 17 year old car. I drove it all day yesterday and the throttle cut but I pulled my foot of the gas so fast it did not even turn on the engine light. When I was almost home, I floored it and made it fail with the 2101 Throttle body Actuator motor failure. But it's brand new. It's a wiring problem. What can I do?I have had the seat module fail. I just pulled the plugs and out them back on, with some anticorrosion spray and it's worked for 10 more years. I COULD be a corroded connection.

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