Q: I had to use my 4x4 and know it will not shift back to AWD it is stuck in 4lo

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I have a AWD Durango the 4x4 has never worked since I got it when u try to put it in 4lock/lo it says SVC4x4 I let my dad borrowed it he got it stuck and some how it went in 4lo but know when u try to switch back to AWD it says svc4x4 it is stuck in 4lo i have had 4x4 all my life I have tried everything I know and can not get it to switch back to AWD I'm affraid to drive it home in 4lo because I don't wanna tear something else up is there any way I can manually switch it back to AWD unhook something take something off I have read some forums online and there are a lot of people having problems with these Durango's shifting in 4x4 by itself while driving down the road a lot of people saying it's a wiring problem but mine ain't never done that I was told to unplug the wire to the transfer case motor but if I do won't it be in 4lo don't I gotta get it back in AWD first then I can unplug it I'm just stumped iv tried everything and it's still stuck in 4lo any advice on what I can do thank u

My car has 126000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

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