Q: I changed my rear braked and after putting everything back in order they wont brake, im thinking rear brakes arent getting any flu

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I changed my rear brakes and once i was done i took it for a test drive, the front brakes worked perfect but my back braked dont work at all. I never bleed the front braked but i did to the back brakes. Im not good at mechanic stuff so when i bleed the brakes i didn't bleed them as your supposed to i just let it sit leaking into a bucket till i was done pressing on the piston. I know i probably did wrong by that but what do i do now? Do my brakes need to be bleed professionally??

My car has 170000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. I would recommend having one of our professional mechanics come to your location to complete a brake system inspection, so check the repairs you completed and see if there is something you’re missing or if there another mechanical failure that was missed. This will save you time, money and stress and ensure you get this issue solved quickly.

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