Is it very difficult to replace flex plate in 2006 [sonat...

Is it very difficult to replace flex plate in 2006 [sonata](/topics-sonata/) with v6 3.3 ...

Is it very difficult to replace flex plate in 2006 [sonata](/topics-sonata/) with v6 3.3

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**Bradley Jordan** **Nissan, Subaru, and Infiniti Master Technician** **ASE Master Tech All Makes** **Let me take a moment to review your request.** **_You may be prompted for a phone call, this is optional as the request is automatic._** It is pretty difficult, you have to remove the transmission from the car to replace the flex plate.

Is it possible to check for cracks in flex plate by removing starter and viewing through hole?
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you may be able to, if the torque converter is on the way you can see some of the other side with a telescoping mirror.

Got it. I’ve replaced [timing belt](/topics-timing-belt/) b4 but that’s about as deep as I’ve gotten. Changed starters valve cover gaskets etc but never dropped a tranni. I don’t have a shop.just your average diy guy. Can you estimate a time frame? A week? A day? 2 days? Just approximate.
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You have to remove the subframe to pull the transmission and it takes a special tool the goes from the windshield cowl to the [radiator](/topics-radiator-hyundai/) support frame to hold the engine while the trans is out. that may help you decide if you want to try or have it done. doing the job on jack stands will take at least a couple of days.
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**If you need more help, just follow up with your question and I can give you more information.** **it was my pleasure to help you today, exceptional service is my goal and I hope I provided** **Exceptional service for you today. Good luck with your repairs and have a wonderful day** **Thankyou** **Bradley**

Ok. But it is possible with cherry picker and jack stands?
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It has to come out thru the bottom to clear the body structure. you could do it with a cherry picker and jack stands but you would have to remove the engine and trans together and separate it out of the car.

Oh shitty. Ok thank you very much!i will rate ASAP
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your welcome.

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