Q: How much am I looking to fix rust on shocks and on one of the calipers?

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I have an 08 mustang with rust on shocks and on one of the calipers.

Will lowering the car with new coils solve this problem. Or should I get rid of the rust somehow. New coils suspension v2 kit goes for less than 1k. I am not sure of labour cost tho.

My car has 70450 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Your Mechanic does not provide any type of paint or body repairs. Unfortunately we could not give you a cost on painting shocks or calipers. Vehicle ride height has little to do with shocks, calipers, or any other part developing rust. Surface rust is a normal atmospheric occurrence. It will have little effect on the performance of the shocks or calipers. Only when it gets to a severe condition - which can take many years - should these parts be replaced due to rust. Changing the vehicle ride height will have no effect on the formation of rust. As for installing a V2 suspension kit. Check with a local shop that also does wheel alignments. Whenever suspension components are replaced or ride height is altered, the alignment will have to be redone. They will probably give you an all-in-one price for installation and alignment.

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