Q: How do I adjust the power driver’s seat?

asked by on January 11, 2016

How do I adjust the power driver’s seat?

The power driver’s seat is adjusted with the three power seat controls, which are on the outboard side of the seat. The seats can be adjusted in five different ways:

  1. You can adjust the position of the seat with the switch at the front. Push the switch forward to move the seat forward, or push the switch back to move the seat backwards.

  2. You can adjust the angle of the seat cushion with the switch at the front. Lift the front of the switch to raise the front of the seat cushion, or push down on the front of the switch to lower the front of the seat cushion.

  3. You can adjust the height of the seat with the switch at the front. Lift the rear of the switch to raise the height of the seat, or push down on the rear of the switch to lower the seat.

  4. You can adjust the angle of the seatback with the middle switch. Push the switch forward to tilt the seatback forward, or push the switch backward to tilt the seatback backward.

  5. You can adjust the lumbar support with the switch at the back. Use the two buttons on this switch to adjust the lumbar support to your liking.

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