Q: Hi im looking into a used infiniti, the owner gave me the description below, how much would all of the cost me and is it worth it?

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*I'm testing waters on my 2003 G35. Car has work done to it, but also needs work

Car has 220,000 miles

Needs new tire Has electrical short somewhere causing the Tail lamps not to work, brake lights work though

Needs windshield And exhaust needs work

Car is on Godspeed coil-overs sitting on 20s

Also needs bushings in the front Just some worn bushings and stuff

Body is clean, interior is okay

Has kenwood head unit/radio

Set up for a sub

Has Cold air intake Engine and trans runs well Car also drives well

Needs rear coilover rebuilt, have two extra pair of headlights and an extra coilover for the front*

My car has 220000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. It is nearly impossible to tell what kind of costs you are looking at with this old of a vehicle. 220,000 miles is a lot, but it sounds as if the car was maintained reasonably well. The tires are standard maintenance, and will cost a few hundred dollars depending on how many tires you are replacing and what kind of tires you want to put on it. The tail lamps are hard to price because they will need to be fixed to be street legal in most places, and a short can be time consuming to track down. You will either want to do it yourself, or be prepared for the labor costs of finding that issue. The windshield may also be of concern, as in some areas certain cracks are illegal, and it may need to be repaired right away. The condition of that windshield and the cost to repair it will need to be evaluated ASAP if your area has similar laws. While the coils and bushings may not be the top of the list, they can also be pricey depending on what type of replacement parts you obtain and who installs them for you. Consider actually price comparing options in your area (parts and labor), and then compare the price of repairs to the value of the vehicle (Kelly Bluebook or other similar pricing method). For a pre-purchase or safety inspection, contact our service department to schedule an appointment.

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