Q: Hi I was wondering if u have any idea what problem this is. First issue is the maf sensor was scanning bad. I replaced that at a

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The car has no pickup hardly at all. Sometimes when you go up a hill even one that's not steep the gears also downshift into 3rd. And rpms go high. Also maf sensor keeps coming up as a error in that been replaced and I'm also getting code for turbo under boost. And in sport mode it will not shift past 4th gear

My car has 145000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

VW and Audi products can be a little picky when it comes to some sensor values. I speak from having owned several VW products and a family member still owning one that has it’s own personality. If the replacement air flow sensor was not an original VW part, that can be an issue. Before going the route of replacing it with an original part if it was not originally, further diagnosis of the intake system should be done. A vacuum / boost leak can be the culprit. If for example, there was a crack in any of the intake hoses - air filter box to turbo, turbo to intercooler, intercooler to throttle body - this will effect the engine vacuum as well as reduce turbo boost as some boost can be forced out of an intake leak. Components like the intake hoses, the intercooler itself, and intake manifold gaskets and seals should be inspected. Have a certified technician look into the check engine light faults and inspect the intake system to find the exact cause.

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  3. Hi I was wondering if u have any idea what problem this is. First issue is the maf sensor was scanning bad. I replaced that at a

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