Q: hesitation when accelerating and miss at idle

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1995 f150 5.0 4x4 with 240k miles

symptoms; . 1. Slight miss at idle. . 2. Will not accelerate unless throttle is darn near floored, and maybe 1 out of 10 times it will seem to function as it should. . 3. CEL comes on but only intermittently, never at idle. . 4. Exhaust seems to blow out much harder than my 92 with the 300 and my friends 2006 with the 5.4L. . 5. Catalytic converter seems too hot to me.

checked; . 1. Plugs (all good and getting spark) . 2. All vac lines look good, no hissing. . 3. Timing is perfect. . 4. Spray carb cleaner all around vac lines, egr, intake and even the plugs with no change in running. . 5. Fuel pressure (34 key on and about 37 psi running) . 6. Compression in tolerance of Haynes manual, I forget what they all were but we're withing 10% of each other. . * tried to pull codes btw, will not show codes at idle and I think the diagnostic port for the obd 1 is messed up, have tried with and without obd 1 scan tool

The following are all things that have b

My car has 240000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. Thanks for this information. Based on what I’ve reviewed and read, there are a few other parts you should inspect to try and pinpoint the source of your engine misfire and acceleration problems including; 1 - You may have a malfunctioning fuel injector 2 - The catalytic converter may be faulty or ’full’ requiring replacement 3 - A faulty electrical harness to fuel injectors 4 - Throttle position sensor is faulty 5 - Dirty or clogged fuel injectors or throttle body

Try inspecting these components and see if the issue clears up. If not, feel free to contact one of our mobile mechanics to set up a car is slow to accelerate inspection.

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