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first day it snowed. Car started up fine this morning and drove to the gas station, the store, and to friends house. My acura is AWD and i did notice it couldn't make it up a what looked to be simple hill. When i tried the triangle with the "!" Started flashing. Went a different route. I didn't think much of it because when it snowed back home I could make it from Reno to Tahoe and when the roads were icy and I would loose traction, that warning would come on. After i left, no issues but i did notice a weird noice but it also sounded like snow under tires. Once out of walmart the car started up fine, but when I stepped on the gas, it took a minute to respond and was jerky. Then SH-AWD light, battery light & all dashboard lights were flickering. pulled over & sat there tired turning it on & it did but wouldn't reverse. jumped the car and it started fine & no dashboard lights came on. Then i reverse put in drive and started loosing pwr&lights were flickering. Please help me.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi - the "triangle" warning light - by itself - is an indicator that anti-skid braking and traction control are operating. The delay in selecting reverse and poor performance afterward is indicative of other issues. There are technical service bulletins for software upgrades that apply to your vehicle (313856 & 313862) that may improve operation in limited traction scenarios as you describe. I would check with your Acura service center for these software upgrades.

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