Q: Hello oil control valve timing solenoid issues

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Please my car engine check came on for months I didn't notice .. later on this week I have been to a mechanic and we diagnose the engine check and it showed a code p0011 . The mechanic told me it was the vvt which is the oil control valve solenoid that is faulty.. well we have changed this several with 2 solenoid of the same brand for Hyundai Elantra my model .. but the engine code still comes on showing the same code and problem that is the vvt solenoid.. he has traced all the wires to see if there is breakage in the wires but all was fine .. he also tested the new solenoids and they were all fine .. it sill when we clear the check engine and replace the solenoid with new one the check engine still comes back showing same code p0011

My car has 60243 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Sometimes you can solve a P0011 by replacing the solenoid, but that is not exactly what the code is for. The code is simply saying that the camshaft timing is too far advanced. The VVT system has some control over the camshaft timing and is frequently the cause.The solenoid is only a part of the system. VVT (variable valve timing) is achieved by moving the camshaft forward or backward on its sprocket. This is done with a hydraulic device, and the oil pressure to the device is controlled by the solenoid valve. The camshaft positioner has a lot of dead-end oil passages and small orifices, so it can easily be jammed up with crud forming in the engine oil. If you aren’t meticulous about your scheduled oil changes, you can have a problem where the VVT positioner will just get so jammed up it will not work. The solution is to take it apart and clean it out. The good news is that you can have this checked out at your convenience by contacting YourMechanic. They can send a technician to your home or office to check out your code and let you know what it will take to solve it.

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