Q: Heavy vibration while in neutral and driving at low speeds

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Hi. I have a 1999 mustang GT 5spd. Was shifting out of second gear around 4k rpm. I heard a ting noise from shifter area. I know have a heavy vibration when the clutch is released in neutral and driving at low speeds... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

My car has 70000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

It is not clear if you are moving when in neutral and the vibration occurs only then as that would require consideration of axle imbalances. If you are instead stopped in neutral and the vibration occurs, obviously the problem has to be within the engine or the clutch assembly. Among the obvious possibilities are: pressure plate cover balance problems, loose flywheel bolts, excessive flywheel runout, end play in the crankshaft, and loose mounting bolts anywhere in the assembly including transmission to engine mounting bolts. Other problem areas are defective engine mounts (which allow vibrations to transmit), and the crankshaft harmonic balancer which could have a broken bond and have shifted position. A certified mechanic can be dispatched to perform a clutch diagnostic thus foreshortening greatly the work needed to get the root cause. At the conclusion of the diagnostic, you would have in hand, too, an estimate of the repair cost, based on what is found during the diagnostic.

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