Q: Heater core or head gasket 2001 Ford Mustang

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Cars vents emit white smoke and smoke from rear of engine bay in front of the firewall. When I shined a flashlight in the tailpipes after it was cut off bc white smoke was coming out the exhaust it was thick and white. Oil is normal color and engine overheats when heat is on obviously bc there's a coolant leak somewhere. I just don't know the exact diagnosis I don't want to pull my supercharger off and replace the head gasket if that's not the problem

My car has 90000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Hi there - from your symptom description, it sounds like there may be a blown head gasket or cracked head/block, leaking into a cylinder or the exhaust (i.e. not into the crankcase). Check the coolant for the presence of combustion gases (uses a dye and ultraviolet light). I recommend an overheating inspection by a mobile, professional mechanic, such as one from YourMechanic, who will come to your location, diagnose this problem, give you an accurate assessment of damage and cost estimate for repairs.

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