Q: Heater block how likely will it catch fire

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How worried should I be of engine fire with using a heater block

My car has 106000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

If you’re talking about an engine heater, that has everything to do with the quality of the heater that you buy. They’re not supposed to get so hot that they would ignite anything, but a cheap heater from a discount store may have a malfunction that could lead to fire. The best way to go is a factory block heater that is installed in the engine block itself. Most manufacturers offer them for their cars for people in cold climates. It replaces a freeze plug and warms the coolant from inside the engine. Other models hook into a heater line and circulate the coolant through the engine. It’s important that you use a heavy gauge extension cord. If the cord warms up, it’s too small. If you are looking for a block heater to install on your car, I recommend you use only the accessories recommended by the truck manufacturer.

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