Q: Grinding noise when the steering wheel is straight. More prominent at higher speeds and when the steering toward the right

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There is a whining/grinding noise when my steering wheel is straight and its more prominent while at higher speeds. If i turn the steering wheel toward the left then the whining/grinding noise goes away, and if it turn toward the right, it gets more prominent too I thought it was the wheel bearings, but there doesn't seem to be any play...


I got my wheels aligned recently and before, my steering wheel was a little off centered (slightly toward the left). After alignment, its straight Before the alignment, there was no grinding noise when going straight but now that the steering wheel is centered, it's occurring while travelling straight. Also, since my steering wheel was a little off centered to the left, i only had to slightly turn the wheel toward the left to get rid of the noise, but now i have to turn it more toward the left to rid of the noise

My car has 105000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

From what you describe it sounds like you have front wheel bearings that are noisey. They do not have to be loose to be noisey. Have the vehicle lifted and ran in drive to see if the noise can be isolated to one side or the other. Since noise goes away when turning left is an indication that the left bearing is bad since all vehicle weight shifts to right side bearing.

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