I am looking to upgrade my [tire size](/topics-tire-size/...

I am looking to upgrade my [tire size](/topics-tire-size/) on my 1995 GMC Sonoma. When I bought the truck, it had 315/75R15's. I am looking at 235/75R15's. Will this fit on the stock wheel? ...

I am looking to upgrade my [tire size](/topics-tire-size/) on my 1995 GMC Sonoma. When I bought the truck, it had 315/75R15's. I am looking at 235/75R15's. Will this fit on the stock wheel?

Sorry. It came with 215/75/15
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Hello and welcome to just answer. My name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I will be assisting you today. I am pretty sure that will work, but let me just confirm this and get back to you.Chris

No problem. From my (very limited research), this truck originally came with the 205/75/15. It is the 6 ft bed 2wd.
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Gotcha. Be right back
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The 235/75R/15 diameter is just slightly over an inch larger in diameter than the 215/75/15. It will fit the rim/wheel with no issues. And there should be enough wheel well clearance on that truck. I hope that helps and thank you again for using just answer!Chris

Awesome. Thank you for your help as usual! By the way, there is no more leak in the trucks cooling system. I'm not sure how it happened, but I guess we all get lucky sometimes.
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You are very welcome! Glad I was able to help again and thank you for using just answer!!Chris

Could I get your assistance with a distributor cap problem?
Automotive Expert
Sure! What can I help you with regarding the distributor cap? Chris

I was looking to change it out. I hear I can switch to vertical, and that I have to stay horizontal. Which is true
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Hmmm, not sure what you mean, which engine do you have in your Sonoma? Chris

Fuel injected 4.3
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Okay, I am only seeing one style and it is this one here in the link below. Chris'' https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=1323987&cc=1164361&jsn=420

That’s the one I ordered. I went to put it on yesterday, and the rotor would not fit.
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That's strange, because that is the only distributor cap available for that engine. Maybe you have the wrong rotor? Chris

I’m not sure. This is the rotor that came with the distributor cap
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That looks like the correct rotor. It only goes on one way and you have to line up the slot onto the shaft and push it all the way down. If it won't, then that rotor may have been manufactured wrong and is defective. Install your old rotor and see if the cap will fit. Chris

The old rotor would not pair with the new cap unfortunately. This is what I was looking at, and trying to put the new rotor on. I had someone tell me that 1995 was a split year, and half of the trucks would not allow for this kind of cap and rotor
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Do you notice any differences between the old and new rotor and/or cap?

The differences Rotor: old is plate style, new is pictured above. Cap: new is vertical, old is horizontal
Automotive Expert
Then I guess take your old cap and rotor down to your local auto parts store and ask them to match it up. Chris

10-4. Thanks again Chris!
Automotive Expert
You are very welcome and let me know how it goes.Chris

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