Q: Getting trouble codes p0171 & p0174, truck won't start

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I ran a obd2, got codes, truck starts fine when engine is cold, but after it warms up it sputters like it's starving for gas then dies and cannot be restarted, but if I let it sit for an hour or so it starts right up no problem. Cleaned the MAF with CRC for MAF, problem still persists, truck can be started and driven when cold no problem, but once warmed up truck sputters then dies, and cannot be restarted for a while. When driving and it begins to sputter, I pump the gas and it seems like the more throttle I give it thinking it's starving for gas, the less power I get and it jus kinda bogs down. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, have a good day, and GOD bless.

My car has 130000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

This problem would need further diagnosis to see if you are losing fuel pressure or spark when the vehicle stalls like it ran out of fuel. You most likely are losing fuel pressure from a bad fuel pump. Have a mechanic like one from YourMechanic test the fuel pressure and replace fuel pump and filter.

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