Q: Gas pedal shakes when accelerating fast and misfire code came on?

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So today the engine light came on and the code read P0300 (random cylinder misfire) and I've had that code before but it was cylinder specific so I replaced ignition coil and it fixed it. But now its back.. what else could be the problem? my gas pedal also shakes when accelerating really fast (like on freeway). Could these be linked together?

My car has 123018 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hello, thank you for writing in. The most common cause of engine or pedal shake (because you can feel the engine shake in the pedals) is a misfire. With that being said, its not uncommon to feel issues with brakes, tires, or suspension in the gas and brake pedals as well. You will want to make finding the cause of the misfire you first priority. It may be a fuel, spark, or air intake issue. You will want to start by looking into the spark system and make sure you are receiving the voltage needed to combust the air/fuel mixture. Particularly due to the recent work that has been done. You may also want to look into having your fuel pressure tested. Further testing may need to be done if the listed components are not to blame. For more help resolving the issue, contact our service department.

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