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Q: Fuel issue?

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The car was parked running fine and the next morning the car won't start and no sign of firing I asked around and they are saying Inertia switch ,Not sure what kind of v6 it has but I need to find the inertia switch I checked under the kick panel and it's not there and wondering if there's another possible place where it could be or is there a procedure on certain models

My car has 123000 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

The inertia switch for your vehicle, regardless of which V6 it was equipped with, should be behind the kick panel cover on the passenger side. It will typically be a black box with a red button inside. You can tell if it has been triggered when you are able to press the button down and feel it click, and then stay down. If the button is not able to be pushed down, it probably has not been triggered. One way to test it is to give the main body of the switch a sharp smack, and you will notice that the red button will be sprung, and you will normally hear an audible sound when it is triggered. Simply press the button back down to reset it. Also, be careful not to hit it so hard as to do damage to the housing, just a sharp rap with a screwdriver handle, or the like. If you feel you need a hand in identifying the underlying problem, or making repairs, contact a certified mechanic, like those available at

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