I got my truck to start but it won't idle.

I got my truck to start but it won't idle. ...

I got my truck to start but it won't idle.

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Hello and welcome to Just Answer! My name is \*\*\*\*\* \*\*\*\*\* I am here to help answer your questions. I am sorry to hear you are having issues with your vehicle. I will do my best to give you the answer you are looking for. Please allow me a few minutes in between our responses to review your information. I may ask several questions to get more details about your problem. While you are waiting for me to respond I am looking up the workshop manuals and wiring diagrams needed to answer your concerns. **The website will prompt a phone call automatically, not me. So please don't let this automatic service prompt annoy you. If you prefer to talk verses type then please use the phone call option.** Hello again. Ok so you replaced the head gaskets on both banks? Was it burning [coolant](/topics-coolant-ford/) or an external oil leak for the head gasket failure? Will it keep running if you hold your foot down on the throttle? Do you have access to a scan tool to check for fault codes?

Hello I did the head gasket change because I had to rethread my heads so I just put new gaskets on since I opened up the [engine](/topics-engine-ford/). That's the only reason I opened it up it was running fine just blew the [spark plug](/topics-spark-plug-ford/). You helped me yesterday pretty much I bought a new IAC it Sounds better than before but it's still not idling it just shuts offStill have to put my foot on the gas to keep engine going. my scanner isn't pulling up any codes and my engine light isn't onEngine sounds great when I'm giving it gas keepin idle. Just don't know why it won't stay on when I stop giving it gas
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Does it pass a key on engine off test? Does it start nornally or does it hiccup or crank over faster than normal?Will it idlr if you unplug the mass air flow sensot?

It does hesitate to start but when I give it gas it stays running
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Are you sure the timing chain was set correctly. I am logging off for the evening. We can pick up on this tomorrow morning

I can try to take the mag sensor off and try that
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I set the timing all points aligned

File attached (3QZQ461)
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Ok as long as it is timed properly I would be concerned with the hesitation on cranking. Will it idle with the maf sensor unplugged? Need to check for fault codes. Key on engine off test on demand.

Thanks so much I cleaned up the throttle body and maf sensor and now it is running like a champ. Thanks so much Sir.
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Wonderful! Have a great evening

You too thank you!!!
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Thank you.

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