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Your Mechanic sounds like a good deal. But I have a serious problem with your methodology. How can you provide a fixed price for a repair and how can a repair be reasonably made by a lay person before diagnosis? The repair may not solve the problem. There may be muiltiple causes. Below is my problem:

ENGINE RACING PROBLEM   1. Until recently, engine raced on ignition; stabilized after about 1 minute or driving about 100 yards (not a problem). 2. Now takes over >5 minutes to stabilize; drive distance from fire station on Park Victoria to Safeway on Calaveras Blvd (about 3 miles) - engine still has not stabilized; stabilized after engine shut off and restarted 20 minutes later. 3. Misdiagnosis[?] that problem was a bad thermostat. Thermostat replaced - did not solve problem. Original thermostat put back and in engine.

If the problem is a faulty carburetor, your repair price is a bargain. But what if the carburetor is not the problem and/or there are multiple causations of the racing en

My car has 96500 miles.
My car has an automatic transmission.

Hi there. I’m actually very glad you asked this question. First and foremost, anytime an inquiry like yours comes in, we look at the common symptoms and attempt to provide a few broad scope systems or components that could be causing the issue. For example, in your case, the symptoms you’re describing are common with a vacuum leak, a damaged or stuck idle control screw on the carb or even ignition system failures. As you can see; that’s rather broad. The solution we offer is not to suggest any repair, but to have one of our mobile mechanics first complete an inspection; such as a car idle is rough inspection to pinpoint the root causes of the symptoms. Once the mechanic has the opportunity to physically inspect the vehicle, they are better suited to recommend a specific or group of repairs. Hope this answers your question and clarifies our methodology and how we offer solutions to our customers. Thanks!

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