Q: emissions test came back as not ready on 4 obd monitors

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My first emissions test came back as 4 obd monitors not ready. Egr, o2 sensor, evap system and catalyst. I had recently disconnected the battery to recharge it. After 2 and half weeks and 350 miles it now lists only 2 monitors as not ready, o2 sensor and catalyst. Is there a particular kind of driving that will trigger the last two? I had started with a combo of city and highway driving but was told by the station attendant that highway driving can reset the process. I only did city driving this last week which triggered the evap system. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Sean Dougherty

My car has 8100 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

Here’s the drive cycles for your vehicle.

O2 and Catalyst monitor: Ambient temperature must be at 41 degrees or higher. Gas tank must be filled 1/2- 3/4’s full. Start engine and let idle for 5 minutes with AC rear defogger on. Turn off AC and rear defogger and allow the engine to idle until up to operating temperature. Drive vehicle until 56 MPH is reached. When at 56 MPH, release the accelerator for 10 seconds or longer. Accelerate again to 56 MPH. Keep the speed at 53-60 MPH for 10 minutes. Stop the vehicle and let it idle for 1 minute. Accelerate to a speed of 30-35 MPH for five minutes. Stop the vehicle and let it idle for 45 seconds. Accelerate to a speed of 53-60 MPH for 5 minutes. Allow the vehicle to roll to a stop without using the brakes. Allow the engine to idle for 45 seconds.

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