Q: After I changed the clutch in my 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier I do not have power to everything

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Clutch started slipping so I had to install a new one. I installed a stage 3 clutch and pressure plate. Did what I thought was right according to Google and YouTube as far as getting the old clutch out and installing the new one. When I was finished putting it all back together and went to start my car for the first time (on a fully charged but possibly bad battery) it started right up no problem but my battery light was on and I'm not getting full power to everything ( radio, AC, lights, everything) after shutting it off and disconnected the battery and checked all wires and sensors that I had to mess with and the ones around them too I couldn't find anything that looked messed up (I'm an electrician by trade so I know what all to look for in wires) by my experience with DC power it looks to me that I would have a loose ground somewhere. This car is my family's only form of transportation so it's critical I find what's wrong and fix it fast. So what do yall think?

My car has 205000 miles.
My car has a manual transmission.

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